Sugar Measurement

  • Hello teacher, I am 36 years old. In the test I had done yesterday, my fasting blood sugar was 104 and my full blood sugar was 101. Satiety was measured 2 hours after breakfast. I haven't seen the doctor yet. Do you think my sugar is high? Should I have other tests done? Or is it enough just to pay attention to what I eat at this stage? I would be glad if you comment.

  • Doctor's Answer:

  • Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇARLIOĞLU Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Hello, Get well soon. Your fasting blood sugar is over 100. We call it between 100 and 126 impaired fasting glucose. If you have diabetes in your family and you are obese, you can have a sugar loading test and a1c test, which gives an average of 3 months' blood sugar. Apply to the endocrine. I wish you a good day. Replied on 14.04.2021 21:49.

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