Anti tpo Height

Hello teacher. My anti tpo value is 18. but my other values with tsh t4 t3 are normal. Is high tpo sufficient for the diagnosis of Hasimato disease? Or is it supposed to tsh upgrade? So should I use medicine? Based on these tests, urticaria started I suspect that this may be the problem. Thank you.

Doctor's Answer:

Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇARLIOĞLU

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Hello, get well soon. For the diagnosis of Hashimoto, high tpo, heterogeneity in thyroid ultrasound, fibrotic changes, psedo nodule formations are diagnostic. Your thyroid hormones are normal. we call this the euthyroid hashimoto. We do not start medication. We follow up, it is sufficient to have thyroid hormones checked once a year. It can be associated with urticaria, but if thyroid hormones are normal, we do not give medication. Have a good day.

Replied on 21.04.2021 19:23.

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