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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Hello teacher,

A year ago, I went to an internal medicine specialist with the complaint of getting hungry frequently and not getting enough by eating. Glucose was 110 HbA1c 6.5 TKS 203. He was diagnosed with Hidden sugar as a result of detailed blood tests. Directed to the dietician. The dietician gave three main and three intermediate diets to regulate hunger. I follow up every 3 months. I lost 5 kilos. I exercise regularly every day, I do not gain weight. I am always 63 kilos. It has been 9 months, although there has not been any improvement in my hunger, my blood values have always decreased. My results from the last 3 months ago. Glucose 102, HbA1c 5.5, TKS 136. Many other values are within normal limits. Your views are very valuable to me, my teacher. Therefore, my informational question; I am fasting, there is no feeling of being open frequently during fasting. I am very comfortable even until iftar. Why is there no feeling of being open while fasting, but it always happens in other months. My appetite is again high in Iftar and Suhoor. There is not even a feeling of satiety. I am 60 years old. I wish you good work.

Doctor's Answer: Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇARLIOĞLU Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Hello, get well soon. At first, you seem to have diabetes, according to the examinations. As you lose weight, as you follow your diet, your blood sugar levels go down to normal limits. Being comfortable in fasting first phase insulin secretion is disrupted in newly diagnosed diabetes. Too much insulin is secreted. The patient gets hungry immediately after eating, his hands and feet are shaking. Nothing happens because you don't eat anyway during Ramadan. I hope we fast and find health. There has been a lot of work lately on prolonged hunger. Prolonged hunger regenerates the body. Do not eat too much for iftar and sahur. If you get used to eating healthy for 10 days, the body gets used to eating like this instead of eating a lot. Happy ramadan.

Replied on 08.05.2020 12:24.

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