Growth hormone

My teacher, my son is 10 years old. Its height is 127.5 cm. As his mother, I am 152 tall and his father is 169. The endocrinologist requested a growth hormone test. However, we are not very open to growth hormone treatment due to its side effects. It has grown by 3.5 cm in the last 10 months. It is said that it should grow 5 cm a year. Is this a certainty? If we do not take the test and leave it to the flow (of course, by paying attention to nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.), would we be wrong?

Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇARLIOĞLU

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Hello, get well soon. Make sure to take the test. Whether there is a hormone deficiency or not will be determined. Growth hormone therapy is more successful under the age of 11. A normal child should grow 5 inches a year until puberty. Follow up with pediatric endocrine. I wish you a good day.

Replied on 16.04.2021 at 19:01.

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