Low Tsh (nursing mother)

Hello Mrs Carlioglu. I have been using thyroid medication since my pregnancy. My son is 15 months old now. I am breastfeeding, I get very tired when I wake up in the morning. I have numbness, irritability and forgetfulness in my hands and feet. I have very dryness on my face and hand. I had the test 8 months ago TSH 0.84 (reference 0.48–4.8) Free T4 1.49 (reference 0.93–1.71) I am using 75 mg of levotirione. I had another test 2 days ago. TSH was 0.31 / Free T4 was 1.43. I went back to the hospital to show the results, but the doctor went on a trail. I don't want to go into the hospital crowd with my baby again. How many mg do I need to continue? Do you have any other supplements that you would recommend? I would be very happy if you answer.

Doctor's Answer:

Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇARLIOĞLU

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Hello, get well soon. Tsh 03 is a little suppressed. Let's take 50 a day, 75 other day. Let's check back in 2 months. You are tired because you are looking after the baby. If there is no anemia, if our liver kidney tests are normal, b12 folic acid vitamin d, ferritin is normal, then there is no problem. It would be good to have someone to rest you a little bit. I hope your baby will grow, fatigue will pass and I wish you good days.

Replied on 14.04.2021 16:15.

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